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Design-Arts excels in project management. If you feel like you require someone who can ‘bring all the pieces together,’ and rationalise multiple teams or threads of communication Design-Arts can support.


OR – If you simply have a great idea but don’t know where to start, Desiree can assist you to plan and source what you will require for the project.


Desiree brings simplicity to systems, so you can focus on delivering the project you are working on rather than micro-managing it.


With years of experience leading teams she can also support to manage the people you are working with. With an extensive number of professionals available to her in her immediate network, Desiree can also build teams who can support you to realise your project’s full potential.


Past experience in project management includes the management of a 1800+ page website with 300+ contributors. She also runs multiple successful small businesses including a book publishing company.


Do you have a project you would like support with?

Whether a design project, a business idea you would like to explore, or a product you would like to produce and sell, Design Arts is available to discuss the possibilities.

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