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A logo is the visual foundation of all your communications as a business. Getting it right is essential to the integrity of all the other parts of your branding and marketing strategies. 

Illustrations and animations are an essential means to communicate what words alone cannot. A single image can instantly convey layers of meaning.

Whether you require an explanatory diagram for a brochure or website, a short video animation, a set of icons, or illustrations for a book, Design-Arts can support.

Originally a visual artist, where required Desiree Delaloye pushes the limits of design software programs to bring through a quality that is more reminiscent of an oil painting than a computer-produced design.


Both a publisher and producer of books herself, Desiree has a vast understanding of illustrating for this medium as it pertains to every aspect from concept to final product.


Desiree is not only a highly skilled illustrator, her work is imbued with an undeniable quality and purity that emanates off the page.

Animation sample

  • Illustrations by Desiree Delaloye

  •  Animation by Joseph Barker 

  • Narration by Sara Harris

  • Music by Michael Benhayon 

  • Audio by Ben Hurt

  • Production by Sara Harris

  • Featured on Unimed Living 

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If you would like to work with us on your logo design the first step is to book an initial consult. Through a conversation and a deepened understanding of the ethos of your business, Desiree usually receives an immediate sense of the design that she will then translate to the page.


The mutual expression and communication forms the foundation for the design. The practicals of the design are informed by the richness of the interaction and connection.




Desiree will give you a proposed design option.


Due to the collaboration and connection that takes place in step one the initial logo design is usually exactly what the client has envisaged.


If it is not, a further round is initiated and a deepening process occurs between Desiree and the client to bring through the next evolution of the design.


Together a design is arrived at that encapsulates the essence of your brand.


For Desiree, design it is not an arduous process of trying lots of different designs but more an impression that then visually transpires through the clarity the client and Desiree have established in the consultation phase.

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