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The art of graphic design is more than visual.

An understanding of the written word and how to marry them with the visuals to present the communication in a supportive way that brings simplicity and emphasis is essential to great graphic design.


Desiree brings her natural precision in expression to all elements of the process and has extensive experience in anything design.

Stationary, flyers, brochures, invitations, annual reports, manuals, posters, calendars, labels, packaging, signage, shop-fronts, CDs, anything really . . .

We bring our expertise to any job requirement.  

We will design a look and feel that holds the integrity of your business at the fore. With extensive experience working with a range of materials Desiree is equally at ease working with copper signage as she is with digital design.

Please feel free to make contact with us to chat about any job you need help with.

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