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One of the key ways of communicating your brand to a broader audience is through corporate events. Industry tradeshows, business networking events, speaking engagements and open days are just a few of the ways in which you can make meaningful connections with potential clients.


How you visually communicate the essence of your brand will be the first point of reference for the many people who attend these events. Engaging design that reflects your core values and qualities is essential when communicating the integrity of your business.

With over 15 years in event planning Desiree Delaloye has organised events from small workshops to 5 day live in retreats for upwards of 300 people.


With an understanding of every aspect of event planning from the practicalities of scheduling, hiring a space, stall design, organising decorations & catering, to the creative considerations of how the space will be laid out, Design-Arts knows how to deliver the delegate the ultimate event experience.


Whatever your event or to consult with Desiree Delaloye about the kinds of event your business could offer, get in contact with Design-Arts.

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