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With over 25 years experience in design Desiree brings her dedicated eye for detail to web design with stunning results. Websites designed and built by Design-Arts will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your corporate brand and bring an extra depth and dimension to your web presence through the ‘wow’ factor that characterises exemplary quality design. If you want a website that visually stands out and communicates to your clients with clarity and directness a Design-Arts designed website is essential for your brand.


Simplicity is key to Design-Arts designed websites.

Desiree has a unique ability to take complex messages and distil them to the simplicity of their essence through colour, words and a considered user experience.


Empowering your expression.

Design-Arts maintains websites where required but also provides training and support to ensure that you and your team feel empowered to update your own website when necessary.


With the never-ending call for ‘fresh content’ on the web, owing a website that you, or a key member of staff, can update themselves has become a virtual necessity. Desiree utilises web building platforms that will ensure that the on going management of your site is in your hands should your require it.


Design-Arts is available for small and large-scale web projects. For large web projects Desiree engages and collaborates a trusted network of web builders, professional coders, front-end developers and content writers and will support you to choose what style website will best suit your business’s requirements.

SAMPLE: Christina Hecke - Schauspielerin



A domain name, also called URL, is the name or address where your website lives and can be found. It's basically your street address in the internet – such as:

Equally you can also use your registered domain name for a customised and personalised email address – like so:

In both cases you will need to buy hosting – that’s where the website and the mail-box live. Its your real estate in the internet, the property where your website sits on and your mail is stored.

We can help you with the set-up of either and offer domain name registration via the button link. If you need help – CONTACT US.


If you wish to register your domain name with us please click on the button below which takes you to our domain name sales website.

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