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Founding Design-Arts in 1995 the business was re-established in Australia when Desiree moved to the Northern Rivers in 2001.


An entrepreneur herself, and the owner operator of four small businesses, when you work with Desiree you are not just working with a graphic designer you are collaborating with an expert in life and business who knows how to take your corporate branding to the next level.


Rather than working solely with ‘latest trends in design’ that are quickly superseded, Desiree’s approach is timeless because she works closely with the client to determine the essence of their business and its core qualities.


It is this essence that then becomes the communication rather than the imposed stylistic preferences of the designer.


With this foundation the logo and branding is both enduring and authentic.

Working in this way will best reflect your true expression and effectively portray via logo, brand name and corporate design what it is you are offering. Together we co-create an interactive communication. Your clientele is thus encouraged to feel a greater sense of your wholeness and what you bring with it on all levels of your service.


"Someone once said that there are three responses to designs: Yes, No and Wow. The design work of Desiree Delaloye is definitely in the wow category. Desiree does not stop at what design looks like but also how it feels as well as how it serves. Where Desiree and her work stand out is not only that she can come up with great designs but she never ever not makes it about people first and foremost. The high quality of her designs is a reflection of her ability to connect with people to a level where she knows exactly what it is that they bring to the world, hence whatever it is that she is designing for her client is a reflection and expression of the client and not some random, however brilliant it might be, idea of hers. Working in this way makes the design product free of ownership, which is rare to see nowadays. With no reservations I highly commend Desiree Delaloye."

Dragana Brown   |   January 2, 2018
Private & Corporate Executive Assistant to business entrepreneurs, UHNW families and individuals including celebrities

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