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Stand out from the visual noise with branding that truly communicates with your client-base. Design-Arts specialises in designs that bring a depth and quality to your corporate brand that your clients will naturally resonate with.


Today businesses have to communicate across an ever growing number of platforms. With so many channels and avenues where your business will be featured it is imperative that the quality of the corporate brand remains consistent.

First impressions, and in fact every impression your business makes is integral in establishing the quality your business will come to be known by.


The difference between a logo that was outsourced to the cheapest bidder and a logo that is tailor made to truly serve your business is a bit like the difference between a dress bought off the rack and fine couture. Sure they are both dresses… but that is where the similarity ends.


An ill-fitting or poorly executed logo will detract from your message and the impression you want to make. This is not merely a matter of taste and aesthetics. It speaks to the integrity of your brand.


Desiree’s designs take into account your whole business and where you want to take it. Her ability to deeply connect and understand both your vision and your client’s requirements inspires the logo and brand design ensuring this resonates throughout your communications and branding and reinforces your key values to your audience.

As your business needs expand we will be here to support you.


The range of corporate branding services include:

  • Logo design

  • Stationary

  • Car signage

  • Shop Signage

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Colour consultancy

  • and more ... 

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